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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Kali

Salsola kali flowers close up Campo de Calatra...Image via Wikipedia
Kali: noun - plants of the genus Salsola, goosefoot family, the prickly saltwort; soda ash, alkali, vegetable alkali, potash; Hindu goddess of destruction, the most terrible and malignant aspect of the goddess Sakti, often depicted as having many arms, a fierce countenance and hands dripping with blood.

'They grew kali to produce the potash essential for making their glass and soap; a versatile plant, though prickly and difficult to pick by hand.'

'Gupta murmured softly in the ear of his bought wife, who had failed to provide his tea at the right temperature, "May Kali, destroyer of worlds, lay her many hands on your body and tear you limb from limb." Before he threw her out into the rains to fend for herself.'

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