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Friday, 25 March 2011

Edit:Making up for Lost Time.

The Complete Series "A" DVDImage via WikipediaOn book 2, I managed 3 chapters today, so ready to start chap 12 there. On book 1, I corrected another 15 chapters of typescript, one of which needed a page and a half of hand written amendments inserting, so ready for chap 46 there. not a bad day's work all told.
Another interview, with mystery author R.S. Charles, prepared and scheduled for next Thursday, more of my Daily Word Spots completed, some comments made on various social sites I belong to - Goodreads is an excellent site for readers, allowing you to compare reading lists and read multiple reviews, and I belong to a number of the readers' groups there. Facebook,  well, everyone knows about that one, and I belong to a number of writing groups on there. I also belong to a number of groups on the excellent connection site, LinkedIn as well, so I'm kept quite busy.
Managed a couple of hours in the sun in the garden this morning and shifted a couple of plants to new locations and finally removed a couple of small evergreens from tubs that they had outgrown and planted them at the entrance to the patio; sort of guardians to the paved area. So, a pretty active day.
Now I shall retire to the sitting room and watch Mastermind and QI to see if I can answer any of the questions - keeps the brain active, you know. Mind you, whether the red wine will hinder or help is an open question in itself.
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