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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Edit: Some Further Work Done

A slightly more productive day. The last already completed chapter of book 2, Ch17, is now ready after several significant changes. Onto page 168 now and what remains before the fresh writing, are a set of linked sections that need to be merged into chapters. I'm writing the novel from the points of view of eight major characters, as there are three story threads intertwined through the narrative.
Also managed to select and make brief edits on 14 stories for an anthology of romantic stories I'm working on. There'll be 12 in the book, so I have a choice and can exclude a couple that possibly don't quite fit the theme of 'gentle love story'.
Valerie and I went for a new walk this morning, taking us through fields before we turned back to the edge of the town and returned home. I've added a few pics from the walk to my Facebook profile album 'My Homeland'. One of them reproduced here, for visual interest.
And now that's it for me for tonight. Tomorrow, of course, is dance class, so unlikely to edit until Tuesday.
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