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Monday, 4 April 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Tabby

Sleeping Tabby Cat.Image via Wikipedia
Tabby: noun - elderly spinster, spiteful or ill-natured female gossip; an attractive young woman or girl; concrete made of lime, shells, gravel, and stones which dries very hard; a pyralid moth of the genera Aglossa and Epizeuxis, with greyish-brown forewings clouded with a darker colour. Adjective - cat of a brownish, tawny, or grey colour, marked with darker parallel stripes or streaks; brindled.

‘There; see? That’s the tabby I was speaking of. What, that bad tempered old crone? No, the pretty young girl, of course.’

‘Shiela dangled coloured thread from her fingers, tweaking it up and down to make her tabby cat jump and writhe as she tried to catch it.’

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