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Monday, 30 May 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Amend or emend

 'Little Driffield Pond'
Amend or emend: ‘To amend is to change; to emend is to correct’ is sometimes considered the difference between these two words, but the reality is that, in some cases, they are interchangeable.
Amend: verb – to correct, reform or convert;  to free something from fault; to correct errors in the text of a document etc.; repair or make good something broken or damaged, restore; heal or cure a sick person or a disease; make better, improve; reform yourself; abandon faults and evil ways.
Emend: verb – to alter a text to remove errors and corruptions; to make free from faults, correct, rectify.
Generally speaking, ‘amend’ is the catchall word and ‘emend’ is used in reference to the correction of a manuscript or spoken statement.

‘Failure to amend you bad habits will result in disaster for you and those who count themselves your friends.’

‘Andrew took pains to be accurate as he used his journalistic skills to emend the statement due to be released by the head of the Party.’

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