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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Writing: 2700 Words and a Dozen Characters

After yesterday's self-imposed challenge, I awoke to a dead phone line and therefore no internet connection this morning. This allowed me the freedom to do 1300 words before breakfast. Once I'd taken Valerie to her bowls match just up the road, I returned and did another 1400 words. Because two of my main characters are now entering lands that have not been previously visited in the books, I needed some new characters. I start this with pictures, then names, and then write a bio file for each. I managed to select the necessary pictures (I have a database of about 1,000 or so people shots culled from the web over the years) then chose the name (I have a file of about 150 made-up names for the fantasy - these are all spares, so I chose from that. Haven't yet got round to doing the bios, but will start that tomorrow, since it's a Bank Holiday here.
The internet connection returned around 17;30 so I've been dealing with all that correspondence. Now I'm off to spend the rest of the evening with my wife.
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