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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Writing: 1500 Words After Lunch

Lone tree
1500 words; good, at that. My epic fantasy revolves around a pilgrimage undertaken by members of one of the religions I invented for the novel and today I had reason to introduce a variant of the main sect. It livens up the action as well as providing an opportunity to highlight more human frailties and strengths. The next couple of sections will be more active, as the other two threads of the story are both at a quite fast-paced stage. Hopefully, I'll make a good start on one of those tomorrow, early. I'm intending to spend the day cleaning and tidying my study; a job I've put off for the past 3 years or so. This weekend we have a Bank Holiday, so I'll have a bit more spare time and it seems like an ideal opportunity. Apart from anything else, it'll mean i don't have to spend ages seeking out things when I need them.
No writing group meeting tonight: a lot of the group are otherwise engaged and a couple not well, so we decided to cancel. So, having finished reading The Gathering Storm and reviewed it (see post below) and done a good piece on the novel, I'm going to have a relaxing evening with my wife.
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