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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Writing: 1500 Words Again

The burning question is this: will I manage to get book 2 of the epic fantasy finished as a first draft before I go on holiday for 2 weeks? It would be a shame to have a break of that length before the whole story is down on paper, but it would be excellent to have the break once the story is complete in its first form. So, I'll have to consistently turn out enough words to complete book 2 by 6 July. That's 39 days to write enough words to take me to a proposed total of 200,000. I have around 120,000 at present. 80,000 in 39 days is a little over 2000 a day. Looks like I'll have to really knuckle down to this.
Today, in spite of my current bout of fatigue, I managed 1500. Tomorrow I'll have to start on the target and allow other things to slide a little. Less time on the groups and posts, more time on the story. But I'll continue with the Daily Word Spot and any author interviews, of course. I'll also do a short post on the WIP to keep you informed of progress.
Wish me luck. I'm going to need it!
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