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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Writing: 1800 Words Anew

Inside the medieval church at Wharram Percy 
Strange sort of day, but this morning's session brought me 1800 new words and a couple of new twists to the tale, which is all good. I've made allusions to a new part of the created world, which will shortly feature strongly in the story, so I had to develop and name a new character. Fortunately, my data base of character names came to the rescue and I was able to progress without too much of an interruption in the creative flow. I'm feeling excited by what I did the morning; always a good sign.
Later, following breakfast, the garden called. I'm at the start of a fairly major project and it requires a good deal of preparation, so I've reduced the bulk of an old bust that I thought had died. In fact, the very centre of the plant was still very much alive, once I stripped away all the dead wood, so I've left it in place. Still room in the spot to transplant another bush from the front garde. So, that was a success.
Needed a good long rest after that, so watched an old Miss Marple on one of the channels that repeats such things. A walk after tea and then the obligatory Dr Who with the family.
Now, once I'm done here, I shall go and read more of The Gathering Storm; it's a real tome and I'd like to get it finished this weekend.
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