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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Writing: 2000 Words Written.

No report yesterday, as I should have been at my writing group. However, I was too knackered to contribute anything meaningful (what do you mean, 'so, no change there, then'?).
This morning, properly rested and full of beans, I continued with Ch25 and added 2000 words. Whether these turn out to be words of wisdom or worthless words remains to be seen. Only when I exchange my creator's cap for my editor's 'elmet, will I be able to assess the success or otherwise. Still, it all feels as if it's going well, which has to count for something.

Been out to vote, and for a short walk under clouds threatening but failing to deliver proper rain. After more than 3 weeks without any rain, the garden is in real need.

Had enough now. Back at it tomorrow.

Picture shows the chalk cliffs at Flamborough; about twelve miles from home.
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