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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Writing: 2,200 Words Added to the Total

Field planted with potato crop
After a couple of bleak days, spent mostly in the office where I earn my daily bread, I managed to make up some ground this morning. 2,200 new words and more action, with a chase, an escape and a threat entwined. So, Ch28 of the epic fantasy novel is now done and Ch29 awaits my ponding of the keyboard tomorrow.
Yesterday, I took a short story to my writing group and amused them with the humour. Needs a little more work before it'll be fit to enter into a competition, though. BTW, if such things interest you as a writer, take a look at the Contests tab above and you'll find over 140 writing competitions listed and linked to their various websites.
Spent some of today creating more Word Spot posts and another author interview, as well as dealing with multiple emails.
This evening my wife is taking me out to a local hotel for a belated celebratory meal for my birthday, so, showered and togged up, I'm just waiting for her to emerge, beautified and ready.
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