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Friday, 13 May 2011

Writing:1800 words completed today

Farm Track, just a few miles from home.
Up, as they say, with the lark. Halfway through this morning's session, I realised I needed a name for a nation that will be entering the story in the next few chapters. I had the name for the country but not for the population. Soon devised one, though, Googled it as usual and found nothing under the query, so that's okay. A lot going on now, as I'm moving into a phase where all three story threads become active for one reason or another. 1800 words done before I stopped for breakfast. Then out to the barber, who had the near impossible task of making me appear almost human again. Bearing in mind the material he was working with, I think he did a credible job. Certainly, Valerie pretended not to know me on my return and asked who I was.
The hawthorn hedge on one side of the garden and the berberris on the other, both fairly thorny, no longer look like elongated hedgehogs now I've set about them with the hedge trimmer. The wind was a joker, lifting the trimmings and tossing them with gay abandon all over the place. Still, I managed to clear everything up and put everything away just before the threatened rain fell. Time then for a rest.
After the haircut, I visited the DIY store and bought the screws and upholstery nails we needed to finish the footstool we've been refurbishing and finally completed that job after lunch.
I placed a post on here last night, to bring things up to date on the epic fantasy, but Blogger had a fight with its server and lost the post. As it was, I had to replace three posts this evening when the site finally returned to normal. Ah, the wonders of technology, eh?
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