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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Minor Milestone Passed

Silly, but fun: Last night, at midnight, I reached the anniversary of serious blogging on this site. And my stats counter shows there have been 25,013 page views over that first year. Whilst pleased I've reached so many people and, hopefully, entertained, informed and maybe even inspired some of them, I'm aiming to double for the coming year. So, if you find things here that interest, inform, irritate, illuminate or inspire, please tell your friends. I welcome comments especially, as these provide feedback, the very lifeblood of the writer.
Meanwhile, my thanks to all those who have visited during the past 12 months. I hope to continue giving you what you want to read and see. Please let me know if there are other features you'd like here. I'll do my best to fulfil any reasonable and relevant requests.
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