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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Writing: 3100 Words For Today

Best laid plans....  I completed 3,100 words of the epic fantasy this morning, in a single session. I'd intended returning to do more later in the day, but other things also needed doing. The novel continues to go well and I'm well on target for the 200,000 or so I think will take me to the end of this volume. I need to write 16,314 words to reach that target.
However, in the not-too-distant future, I'm intending to have my annual break from the computer, so I need to build up some of the daily word spots to be scheduled whilst I'm away from the keyboard. So far, with today's efforts, I've got word spots and author interviews scheduled up to and including 30 June. Also, the Writing Contests page needed an update: this is a time-consuming operation, but I managed to add a good 20 or so and removed those where the entry date has passed, so that's now up to date. You know where it is if you're interested in entering competitions.
Emails are more or less up to date, though there are a couple from friends that need a bit more thought before they are answered.
A member of one of the groups I belong to on Facebook is reading my romantic thriller, Breaking Faith, and will be reviewing it once she's finished. So I'm keen to see what she thinks of the book. Watch this space for her review later.

The photograph is one I took in Crete, on my last holiday there.
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