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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Breaking Faith, Reviewed by Kim Tomsett-Fowler

Breaking Faith by Stuart Aken
Reviewed by Kim Tomsett-Fowler

You often hear about stories that stay with you long after they have been read. Well, for me this was 'that' story. I was bombarded by several different emotions whilst reading this book and I loved every minute of it!

This book was a rites of passage tale. We are taken on a journey by the female lead of this story and how her life changes therein. I was amazed at how much time and emotion I invested in each of the characters – really feeling their every emotion, they were so real to me. I also like the way the author changed the narrator almost each chapter between the two main leads. It meant we could see both sides of the story as it were and was a nice touch.

It was beautifully written, in such a way as I could not put it down. Almost to the detriment of my sleep! Thank you Mr Aken for writing a story that has taken me over so completely that now I have finished it, I feel a little lost! May there be lots more from you.

As the author, I'd like to thank Kim, publicly, for this great review. I came across Kim on a Facebook group I belong to, and she was offering reviews of books by Indie authors; a service both generous and valuable. I commend her for her dedication and her love of books and reading. Many thanks for this, Kim.
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