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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Writing: 4300 Words; But it is Saturday

A latish night last night but up early for a Saturday and wrote 1,900 words before breakfast. Two of the main protagonists are featuring a lot during the current sessions, as there is a lot happening for them but the other two threads are both in quiet periods.
The garden at the front is slowly being prepared for a relatively major project and today that moved a step forward, when Valerie and I removed a major obstacle in the form of a large bush. Transplanted it to another part of the garden. Let's hope it recovers.
After lunch, I had a second session and completed another character profile for a minor character who has decided she should take a more prominent role. They do this to you, don't they? Characters take control and dictate certain aspects and you just have to go along with them. I usually find they are right as well. After that, I wrote another 2,400 words, featuring the new character in an essential part of the narrative. So, 4,300 words of epic fantasy done.
I added a couple of pictures to my Facebook album, 'My Homeland' and then responded to the comments they attracted.
Kate has gone to yet another 18th birthday party - her life seems to be full of these as her friends all reach that age. She has her first A level exams on Thursday.
So, we're going to relax now, having taken our constitutional a little earlier.
The picture was one I took in the back garden a couple of days ago.
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