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Friday, 10 June 2011

Writing: Another 4200 Words Today

Two sessions today, with 1,800 words before breakfast and then a visit to the dentist (nothing serious - an x-ray and the need to cap the troublesome tooth, meaning further visits in the future, oh good!). Then replaced the windscreen wipers on the car and applied a bit of spray paint to areas damaged on the body work.
The second session, after lunch, took the total for the epic fantasy to 4,200, and I completed another character profile. Still moving well and a good deal happening to keep the reader entertained. It's great fun creating action and conflict, obstacles and barriers for the characters.
A few more blog posts scheduled until Google decided to play up and mess me about.
A short constitutional with my wife for air and exercise and then a final session with the emails before this and then relaxation.
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