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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Taditkara

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Taditkara: One of my occasional ‘god’ spots, designed to show those who think theirs is the only deity (OMG, you mean He isn’t?) that there are, in fact, almost as many gods and goddesses worshipped as there are prejudices amongst those poor deluded individuals who’ve been brain-washed, in all areas. (Complex sentence! I really should rephrase it, but I somehow can’t find the motivation).

Taditkara is, so it would seem, a Buddhist goddess of light. Generally associated with the colour green and with lightning, her attributes take lightning in the form of a creeper. What, exactly, one is supposed to take from this, I’ve no idea. Is this worship of lightning, green or creepers? Or is this unimportant deity merely a personification of these qualities? I believe that polytheism is as valid as monotheism (i.e. invalid) and has the advantage for those convinced by it that there is more than one being to blame when things go wrong. Such appears to be the nature of the human being: we seem to need someone to accuse when natural events occur.

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