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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

#NaNoWriMo progress, Day 16 = 66278 in total.

The dentist tapped my teeth and elicited only a few howls of pain and protest, but his tests confirmed that my tooth ache was the product of infected sinuses and did not involve the need to drill large holes in the enamel. So, I was spared that particular torture today; a difficult job to drill and fill when the recipient is coughing for Britain. Time and the antibiotics will, I know from past experience, reduce the pain and sensitivity.
So, it was back home and time to add a few more words to the NaNoWriMo total. Two sessions later, with long rests between, have produced an extra 4,194 words to bring the total to 66,278, which is an average of 4,142 per day. So, still on target.
Problems are rearing their heads again for the brave hero and heroine but I've left their romance intact, for now. They have enough trouble without falling out with each other, for the moment. But it won't last. They'll have to face the reality that perfect relationships rarely exist (I include my own relationship with my wonderful wife in the rare category, since our 23 years of marriage have produced not a single cross word between us and we remain blissfully in love with each other).
But poor Isla and Mel have a few issues to deal with and life and society are not exactly helping them out here. I'm having great fun with them and look forward to each day and each new session, when I can make them jump through those hoops that they permit in their own individual ways.
Hope the rest of you doing this challenge are having as much fun as I am.

The picture is another Wordle, this one of Chapter 19, the last completed. Now, there's an illustration of the usefulness of this as a tool. See the way 'just' is highlighted. I know they use the term in their dialogue, but  when I do my editing at the end of the creative run, I'll just have to make sure I just eliminate all those unnecessary 'just's from the text, just in case they make me look daft.
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