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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Pathos

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Pathos: noun - an attribute in speech, writing, events, persons, which can excite pity or sadness; the power to stir tender or melancholy emotion.

'You write with all the pathos of a sufferer; it's as though you've experienced all the many tragedies you describe in your work. I find myself moved to tears so often by the power of the pathos in your words.'

16 Nov 1961 – Great Britain began limiting immigration from the Commonwealth. Until this point, almost any citizen of the Commonwealth could legitimately come to live in these small islands. It was more or less inevitable, given the relative sizes of the country and the Commonwealth, that such restrictions would eventually be imposed. Overcrowding is a major cause of civil unrest and the increasing influx of non-native settlers was bound to become a major issue once full employment was no longer assured.

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