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Sunday, 20 November 2011

#NaNoWriMo Progress on Day 20 = 86065 words

Yesterday, I developed a new character, more or less out of the blue. She came as a surprise to me but she has already had an amazing impact on the plot and caused major issues for Mel. Of course, Isla is not yet aware of her, for reasons which will only become clear when you read the finished novel. And you will be able to read it, since I intend to get this published, as soon as I've finished the challenge here on NaNoWriMo and then completed the necessary editing, after a spell of reflection. This is turning into a damn good story, my characters are developing and influencing the story as we move forward together towards a conclusion that I had thought was fixed when I started. Not so, the characters had different ideas and it looks now as if this will be the first book in a series of, probably, three.
I've actually introduced a couple of well known names into the story, more by association than as actual appearances. The new character, for example, is described by Mel as being the spitting image of Kelly Brook.
I've managed five and a half thousand words today, in two sessions, bringing the total to 86,065, which takes me to 72% of my target on day 20. Tomorrow, Monday, is a time for a short writing spell, since I'll be at the office for much of the day and then dancing ballroom with my wife in the evening.
We had our usual Sunday walk today, but the fog made the landscapes more mysterious than open and the chill air had us walking rather faster than usual.
Wordle has, once again provided me with a diagram pointing out the most frequently used words. This will be a real help when I get down to the editing process. Today's image is from Chapter 23.
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