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Monday, 21 November 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Ugly

Ugly: adjective - of an appearance causing dread or horror; frightful, horrible; of an event, time, sound - dreadful, terrible; morally repulsive; base, vile; offensive or repulsive to the eye, refined taste or good feelings; disagreeable, unpleasant; causing disquiet or discomfort; problematic, awkward; of markedly disagreeable or unpleasant appearance; offensive to smell or taste; noisome, nasty; suggesting trouble or danger; of the weather or sea - threatening, dangerously rough; cross, angry or bad-tempered.

'David stared hard into the mirror on the wall of his bedsit and wondered whether any woman would ever fancy and ugly bugger like him.'

'An ugly mob gathered around the steps of the courthouse, threatening to lynch the sex offender when he emerged from the trial.'

Pic: A dry stone wall above Catrigg Force, North Yorkshire. (Included as an antidote the ugly features.)

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