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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Tablet

Venus de Milo. Louvre Museum.Image via Wikipedia
Tablet: noun - a flat slab of stone, metal, or wood carrying an inscription, carving, or picture; a slab used as a roofing or flooring tile; a rigid card used in tablet-weaving; in Computing - a flat rectangular surface on which a stylus or finger may be moved to position a cursor on a screen; a flat ornament of precious metal or jewellery; a small flat or compressed piece of a solid substance; a portion of medicine or drug compressed into a solid flattish shape, intended to be swallowed whole; a cake of soap.

'Keep taking the tablets!'

'Porky Smellworthy spent the whole afternoon carving a tablet of soap into a miniature model of the Venus de Milo.'

'Moses descended the mountain, carrying stone tablets bearing the dozens of laws he'd been instructed to chisel into the rock, and, falling flat on his face, smashed most of them to smithereens.'

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