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Saturday, 2 March 2013

February Is Over; How Did You Do?

The first monthly analysis of my time, following the example of the earlier weekly stats.

Target was eight stories submitted for contest and magazines. I achieved four, two to each. Halfway there, so not a complete loss.

Six books read and reviewed. A reasonable success, considering I had aimed at one per week. So, ahead of the game here.

Four blog posts written and posted. On target for this one.

Five Chapters of the fantasy edited. Not as much as I would have liked, but a reasonable amount of work.

Three short stories written and two of those completed. Not too bad.

This was always likely to be a difficult month, as will March in all probability. I’m still engaged in the day job and this is the busiest time of the year for us, as we approach the end of the tax year and prepare for the next. So, those days in the office have been trying. But only a few more weeks to go. I finish the part time employment in March and my last day at the office will be 21st March. It can’t come soon enough.

I’m relatively satisfied with my performance, though I would have preferred to have done more of the fantasy and submitted more stories. I spent a fair amount of time on various problems outside the writing but associated with it tangentially. I’m in the process of swapping ISP and that is not going at all smoothly. And my virus software has been causing me some problems, which have taken up a good deal of time and emotional energy. But, all in all, I’m happier with the proportions of my time spent on the various aspects of my writing life. Of course, I would have preferred to be able to spend more time in actually writing, but that will improve starting April, when I will become a full time writer. Whooopeee!
So, how did your February go for you? Achievements? Problems? Excuses? Triumphs? Set-backs? Tell us all about your progress, please.

The pie chart, explained:
'Writing' - initial creation of stories, blog posts, reviews and longer works.
'Editing' - polishing of all written work to make it suitable for readers.
'Research' - discovery of info for story content, market research, contests and blog posts.
'Reading' - books and writing magazines.
'Networking' - emails, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google+ activity.
'Admin' - story submission, blog posting, marketing, organisation and general admin tasks.

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Linda Acaster said...

I'm breathless just thinking about how you manage to analyse all this info to start with, never mind actually fit it in around your home & work life.