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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The 12 Days of Launch Countdown: Day 12

With just 12 days before the launch of A Seared Sky: Joinings, I want to share some of my enthusiasm with you. 

In the spirit of the old seasonal song, I’m giving you the 12 days of countdown. 

Mine, however, is in reverse order.

So, on the twelfth day to book launch I will give to you

Twelve towns to talk of:

Chalamamnon – lair of the despicable High Priest.
Morstahn – heroes’ home until adventure takes them.
Pampahn – lakeside town destined for excitement.
Rhonholoah – threatening and strange.
Kamakq – no place to lose your way.
Mipahnhil – appearances can be deceptive.
Shorrannon – seeking doesn’t always result in finding.
Litkala – mysterious city of white stone.
Kah-Labaz – beneath the fiery mountain.
Ov-Bebna – home of souls lost in the sands.
Mehrrhyphrol – unsafe for some.
Trotnahn – darkness must find a home.

All of these places appear in the series, though not necessarily in book 1, Joinings, which will be launched by Fantastic Books Publishing in paperback and ebook form on 30 March. Come and join the party (click here) and have some fun, ask me questions, pick up giveaways, and maybe collect a special edition.
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