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Monday, 24 March 2014

The 12 Days of Launch Countdown: Day 6

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Just 6 days to launch of A Seared Sky: Joinings.  Excitement rising.

In the spirit of that well-loved seasonal song, I offer you the 12 days of countdown.

Mine are in reverse order.

And, on the sixth day of countdown, I give to you

Six sexy sorts:
Okkyntalah – experience grows a lad’s confidence
Syylvah – too hot to handle!
Aklon – loves them all, loved by them all
Dagla Kaz – evil man, evil ways
Phrysilda – little bundle of fun, and handy in a fight
Unnamed woman – mysterious mistress of enchantment

I don’t want you to get the idea that this book is erotic. But it is a story for adults. Sex is a vital part of human life along with food and movement, so it’s not left out of the picture, but neither is it described in hot detail here. You’ll need your imagination if you want that. I’d be happy for a 15 year old to read it, and a maiden aunt, if that helps those in doubt.

But you can discover for yourself, with the publication of A Seared Sky: Joinings on 30 March, by Fantastic Books Publishing. And you can join the fun of the book launch party wherever you are in the world. It’s virtual, it’s online, it’s here (give the link a click to take you there). And, you’ll be amongst the first to get the book in paperback or ebook format, or both, of course!
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