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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The 12 Days of Launch Countdown: Day 5

Only 5 days to launch of A Seared Sky: Joinings.  Rising excitement!

In the spirit of that well-loved seasonal song, I offer you the 12 days of countdown.
Mine are in reverse order.

And, on the fifth day of countdown, I'd like to give to you

Five forests full of mystery:
Western Forest – the fearsome terzet horn lurks
The Greenreald – a welcome retreat, but stay away from Mhortag’s Tread
Great Forest – wild men in a wild place
Forest of Treshahn – peaceful idyll, perhaps?
Groves of Ytraa – great sentinels from the beginning of time

Who will wander through the trees unhurt, face death and madness under darkest canopies, idle beneath widespread boughs, tremble at the sound of fierce beasts unseen? Discover for yourself, with the publication of A Seared Sky: Joinings on 30 March, by Fantastic Books Publishing
Join in the multiple fun of the book launch party wherever in the world you live. It’s virtual, it’s online, it’s a click away; right here. And be one of the first to get the book in paperback or ebook format, or both!
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