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Friday, 21 March 2014

The 12 Days of Launch Countdown: Day 9

Only 9 days before the launch of A Seared Sky: Joinings.  Excitement rising as the day approaches. 
In the spirit of that seasonal song, I offer you the 12 days of countdown. Mine, though, are in reverse order. 
Here, on the ninth day, I give you:

Nine nautical names.

Sophraq Sea – briny splashes out of the island
Ibasim Sea – short crossing on the way home
Sea of Llahkan – are there pirates?
Bay of Ffosh – at the edge of the known world
Tulak Sea – carrying a precious cargo
Yaalh Bay – a mystery
Shylnah Sea – watch out for the deadly reef and the island of fire
Southern Ocean – bringing trade and strange customs from the far side of the world
Sho Bay – almost home

These seas wash their waves on the shores of my invented world. Follow the various groups, as they sail in search of glory, or to right wrongs, on the map. Voyage with them to learn their joys, their sorrows, their desires, their secrets and their plans. All is revealed in the trilogy. Book 1, A Seared Sky: Joinings, published by Fantastic Books Publishing, is launched as paperback and ebook on 30th March. And you can join in the fun on the day by clicking this link.
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