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Saturday, 22 March 2014

The 12 Days of Launch Countdown: Day 8

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8 days to go before the launch of A Seared Sky: Joinings.  Excitement rising every day. 

In the spirit of the well-loved seasonal song, I offer you the 12 days of countdown.

Mine are in reverse order. 

On the eighth day of countdown, I give to you

Eight exciting ethnics:

Tumalind – clever, able, beautiful and beloved
Aklon Dji – renegade, fearless, handsome and desirable
Feldrark – great, shrewd, just and tenacious
Jodisa Li – bright, determined, spoilt and manipulative
Okkyntalah – innocent, brave, selfless and attractive
Aglydron – fanatical, conservative, pious and stern
Ivdulon – intelligent, farsighted, sensitive and inventive
Dagla Kaz – cruel, hypocritical, driven and unwavering

These are just a few of the adventurers who people my invented world. They love, fight, sing, rescue, joke, hate, seduce and kill. But which of them does which of these things? All is revealed in the trilogy. Book 1, A Seared Sky: Joinings, published by Fantastic Books Publishing, is launched as paperback and ebook on 30th March. And you can join in the fun on the day by clicking this link.

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