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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Do You Employ Redundancy? #4

Another adventure in the land of unwanted words, repetitions and gory grammar. If you’re guilty, the sentence is a serious session absorbing Fowler’s Modern English Usage!

Absolutely essential: Something essential is necessary. ‘Absolutely’ is an unnecessary appendage; cut it out.

Advance notice: Notices, by their nature, proclaim a future event. Once the event is done with, they become redundant, rather like the use of ‘advance’ here.

Ask a question: If you pose a question, you are seeking an answer. You can ask, or you can question; to do both is a tautology. Please chose one.

Collaborate together: Collaboration requires connection with others. You can’t collaborate alone.

False pretence: Pretence is deception; it’s already false.

Foreign imports: Imports originate in another country; their foreign nature is therefore implicit. Don’t make them feel unwelcome by repeating the fact, eh?

Protest against: Protest is opposition: simple as that, really.

Suddenly exploded: Ain’t no such animal as a slow explosion. It can’t be any more immediate than it is.

For a number of days: ‘Days’ is a plural. You can’t have 1 days, so, if you’re spending days, there must be more than one. Okay?

As for example: ‘As’ implies an example is provided; use ‘as’ or ‘for example’ or ‘e.g.’, but not together, please.

One more rant done with. But there will be more!
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