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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Writing and Running for ME/CFS #4

English: Me Running
English: Man running (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A slight interruption to the programme today. I should have had a 20 minute brisk walk followed by 3 lots of running for 2 minutes and walking for 1. Tuesday was a 30 minute easy walk, which is never a problem, as my wife and I do this most days. On Friday, I did my first run for 10 minutes and covered a little over a mile. However, on Friday night, my daughter rang to say she'd cut herself on some broken glass at work (she works as a waitress in an Italian Restaurant at present) and was on her way to the A & E department with her boss. As is so often the case in NHS Accident and Emergency departments, the place was understaffed and quite crowded (Friday nights are notoriously busy with drunks and other assorted party-goers). We couldn't go to collect her (the hospital is 25 miles away and we'd both been drinking wine). So her boss took her back to the town she works in and she drove home with 5 stitches in the wound to her thigh, having been assured by the doctor she was safe to do so. But all this meant that we didn't get to bed until 04:30. (our daughter is fine, by the way and went off to work as usual this morning) My built-in alarm woke me well before 09:00, so I was rather tired during Saturday. Come this morning, I was feeling a little less than fit, so, having learned to listen to my body during the 10 years of ME/CFS, I decided to forgo the run for today.
However, Valerie and I have had a lengthy walk: 3.2 miles in 57 minutes, so I feel I've done pretty well. If I feel okay in the morning, I'll do my run then.
That's the running training.
The book?
Well, I've collected more information, read a couple of other books (they're both reviewed here if you look below this post), and started a rough plan of the book as I see it. So, progress on that front.
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