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Monday, 28 February 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Kaleidoscope

Patterns generated by a kaleidoscope.Image via Wikipedia
Kaleidoscope: noun – a toy made of a tube containing mirrors and bits of coloured glass or paper which make constantly changing patterns of coloured reflections as the observer looks in and rotates the tube;  an ever-changing group of bright colours or coloured objects; something constantly shifting and changing:  verb - appear as in a kaleidoscope; move in a kaleidoscopic manner.

'Witnessing the struggles of the children emerging from the terror of imprisonment into the light and air of freedom sent a kaleidoscope of emotions through Sarah as she considered the dread they'd experienced turning to joy and exultation.'

'A fitful breeze made the multicoloured leaves of the New England trees, in the Fall, kaleidoscope as they twisted, turned and trembled in the ever-changing currents of air.'

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