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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Label

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Label: noun - a strip or band, fillet, ribbon; a small piece of paper fixed to a document as a note, a codicil; a slip of paper, cardboard, metal, etc., fixed to something to carry information, instructions, etc., a piece of fabric sewn inside a garment bearing a name, size, etc; a circular piece of paper on the centre of a record giving details; short phrase or name applied to someone or something; brand name; a branded product or its manufacturer; a recording company making records under a specific name; a substance (an isotope or dye) used to identify some other chemical substance: verb – the act of applying a name tag or chemical identifier to something or someone.

'Gerald unashamedly sought the label before he would even contemplate wearing an item; for him, the name of the maker was more important than the intrinsic value or look of the garment so that friends often accused him of being a walking advert for his favourite designers.'

'Don't you dare label me a 'thief' just because I habitually download music, books and pictures without paying for them.' said Sandra.

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