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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Here it is: the Second Book of the Trilogy!

Epic Fantasy is a genre noted for its love of long works. A Seared Sky is no exception to this rule, though it may deal with themes and ideas not generally encountered in the field. Joinings, book 1, was launched by my publisher, Fantastic Books Publishing, with a Facebook Party on 30 March 2014. Partings, book 2, will be launched at the fabulous convention, FantastiCon, in Hull on 16 August. I’ll be in attendance, with many other writers of fantasy and science fiction, to sign books, talk about my work, and answer questions. To be honest, I hope to enjoy the rest of the many delights available on the day as well! If you follow down to the previous posts, you’ll find full details of what's going on.

In the meantime, I’d better let you have some idea of what Partings is about:

A Seared Sky is a trilogy, and none of its parts is intended to be read in isolation, or out of order. Book 2, Partings, assumes readers have read book 1, Joinings. The question remains, however, how to explain events in book 2 without introducing spoilers for those who haven’t yet read book 1?
I’ll do my best:

Aklon-Dji, convinced the time is ripe for his planned uprising on the island, sets in motion a series of events leading to civil strife and a dangerous confrontation with an army that vastly outnumbers his own forces. Will his concern for justice and his apparent willingness to trust people cause his capture?

Dagla Kaz renews the pilgrimage, in spite of indications he may be mistaken. Unexpected events expose the fate of his daughter, Jodisa-Li, and a violent meeting threatens his life. Encountering different interpretations of history, which raise serious doubts, he nevertheless pursues the Skyfire toward the homeland, only to see his Virgin Gifts captured by a tribe of wild men in the wilderness. Will he recover them intact so that his mission can continue?

Tumalind’s fortunes suffer as she attempts to escape unwanted attention. Treachery follows her, placing her in serious danger from external forces over which she has no control. Will her courage and resourcefulness guide her and allow her to remain steadfast in her loyalty to Okkyntalah?

Okkyntalah, beset by assassins, is forced into a foreign war. Wounded, he seeks the help of brave and talented women to counter fatal threats. In pursuit of his dreams, he faces great danger, hardship, imprisonment and forced separation from his love. Will his courage and tenacity rescue Tumalind from the dangers she faces?

New characters join the cast as the pilgrims continue their quest over foreign lands and the journeys of the various groups travel to unexpected destinations. And, throughout all, the wise woman employs her extraordinary powers to keep track, observe, and influence wherever she is able. But will her gifts be enough to stem the rising tide of evil?

So, if you can, come along to the event. If you can't make it, there'll be links here on the blog so you can get hold of a copy the day after the launch. Enjoy the read: I certainly enjoyed the writing!
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