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Thursday, 14 July 2011

90 Author Interviews Revisited

Listed below are the names of the authors I have interviewed on this blog during the past year. If you click on the author’s name, you will arrive at the interview on the blog. They’re listed in order of appearance and one or two may be listed twice, because they’ve come back for more. There's no significance to the colours; just an attempt to separate the names out a bit.

Avril Field-Taylor      Penny Grubb      J.F Jenkins      Linda Acaster    
 Richard Jay Parker      Sasha Petrova      Steven Jensen    Stacey Danson     
 Catherine Chisnall      John Pearson      Sharon Dwyer      Jake Webber 
 Sibel Hodge   Nick Quantrill      Sarah Barnard     Lila Munro     
SueAnn Jackson      J.E. Taylor      K.J. Rigby       Victoria Roder  
Jesse S. Greever       Catherine Condie      Paul Rudd     Lakisha Spletzer      
Joanne Kerzmann     Alan Nayes     Charlene Wilson     Alan Naylor      

Last week, 7 July, I interviewed myself here (an odd concept, but the reasons will be clear if you visit it) – the link isn’t available as I write this, because I’ve scheduled this before the interview is due to appear. But it can be found in the archive now, if you’re interested.
Next week, the interview will be with Susan Moody; I think you’ll find it worthwhile returning for that one.

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