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Thursday, 10 November 2011

110 Author Interviews Revisited

Unfair to single out one author, so have a squirrel instead.
Listed below are the names of all 110 authors I've interviewed on this blog. A click on the author’s name will take you to the interview on the blog. They’re listed in order of appearance and one or two may appear twice, because they’ve come back for more. The views expressed are varying and quite illuminating. I've decided to end this particular series at this point. 
Once I've completed the novel I'm currently writing for the NaNoWriMo challenge, I intend to start a new series of interviews based entirely on writers whose work I've read and enjoyed. These will be more targeted, with questions set specifically for the author concerned. This series has been all about comparison of one writer with another. The coming series I intend to be more specifically about each individual writer. Watch this space.

There is no significance to the colours, I was merely trying to break up the otherwise dull presentation of these many links.
On 7th July, I interviewed myself here (an odd concept, perhaps, but the reasons will be clear if you visit it).
I've enjoyed the interviews, in spite of the time and effort needed to produce them. I hope they've proved useful to readers, writers and the authors concerned. My thanks go to all who contributed to this series and those who've made the effort to make comments on the interviews.

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